Easing into Autumn from Summer (click here to read)



Ok-Sassy Friends!! Here goes my 'first go at' a blog style with sharing outfits ideas!! We polled you on Facebook and Instagram and the tribe has spoken. YOU want outfit ideas from The Sandy here we go!!!! If you have followed along for some time with 'The Sandy Pearls' you know we love all different brands. However I also love budget friendly outfits too! {Can I get an amen} I love brands like Old Navy, Lilly Pulitzer, Walmart, and Target that I get shoes, tops and bottoms from. Although I will add, I do invest in items like jeans, purses and shoes that will last! 

So let's get down to the basis here, and have a liitle Chatty Kathy!! For transitioning into Autumn from Summer, I'm a 'slow-goer' into Autumn/Fall because let's be honest, these blazing hot temps don't allow for cardigans and boots!!! {#cantdoit} With that said, let me share with you how I go into it slow:

1-Patterned tops (floral or stripped) OR your summer tanks paired with white jeans! Yup!!!  I wear white jeans all year round!! (I will follow up with another post on how to style white jeans after Labor Day ;) )

2-Chambray top!! Because I still love Fall items...but I'm still reaching my summer shorts, paired with sandals!

3-Keep wearing you sandals!! It's too hot for those cute boots sisters!! AND do yourself a favor and get yourself a pair of joggers style pants! Mine are from Walmart, but Target has good ones too!! Pair these with your favorite summer top and sandals! 

4-And let's be honest, have you noticed how darling active wear has been lately?? Walmart, Old Navy are my favorite to grab the basics from, BUT I do have a thing for Lilly Pulitzer's Luxletic leggings!!! All of these, are my go-to's for running errands, OR I will make them into a casual outfit to still feels put together paired with sandals, and casual sassy jewelry!!

5-And I saved the best for last, my LOVE for a classic button up blouse!! You can never go wrong with these. Pair them with favorite shorts and some fun leopard flats!! Ya gotta have some leopard in closet going into fall-trust me...its a must!! 


Alright, you sassy girlfriends!! That's a wrap!! Until next time, stay sassy!

PS. *BONUS* Thanks for ALWAYS showing up, giving you love, supporting me and pushing me to keep creating! Here's a THANK YOU coupon code to use at checkout: AUTUMN for 20% off your entire purchase!


Amy Grace