Sassy Sister Outfit Challenge DAY #1-5 (click here)

Monday: Mixing Patterns
Whoo hooo!! Day 1 in the books!! Mixing patterns, which means stepping outside your comfort zone and having fun with your wardrobe!! Might it be stripes mixed with leopard, floral mixed with floral, polka dots mixed with camo!! The options are endless but hoping this outfits inspire you to have fun with this!!
Tuesday: Pair Teal & Brown together 
Day #2 challenge is to pair 'Teal & Brown' together!! {Shocker I know} I mean can you blame me, it's still Teal and Taco Tuesday!! Although this Tuesday, has a little spin on it with just a bit more Fall-ish! 
Grab a neutral top...which I gravitate towards gray, black or creams/white when its comes to neutral tops!! That way your accessories can be your pop of color to your outfit, and not everything blends in! And lastly grab your Teal/turquoise and brown accessories!! 
Wednesday: Wear a Fall top paired with Pink accessories
HUMP DAY!!! Day #3 and oh sister....this one you may say 'but its not summer'!! So lets get to it, Day #3 is to wear a Fall top and pair it with pink accessories! Summer time may be over but that doesn't mean you still can't wear Pink!! Girl it a whirl ;)
Thursday: Wear a plaid top paired with tassels accessories 
Day #4 of the Sassy Sister Challenge, is SO much!! Its Tassel Thursday so adding the challenge to it, is I challenge you to grab you favorite plaid of any kind and pair it will tassel earrings and/or necklace! With this outfit, I'm pulling out the mustard tones and and sassy this plaid right on up!! 
Friday: Wear white jeans ( or white top) with a pop of Fall color
Day #5 Im OBSESSED with the color rust for Fall. It looks good on any skin tone and pair so nicely with just about anything! {Not to mention our 'Driftwood-Rust' tassel earrings forced this obsession on me} But I love the look of a stark color like rust paired with white! It looks so crisp and makes you break the rules of 'not wearing WHITE after Labor Day!!' Its ok girl break the rules with me!! 
Thanks so much for helping us kick off the week before our Monthly Subscription Box signups!!! We are so closed to open the signups back up, for all you Sassy Sisters who want to join in on our monthly fun!! 
Stay Sassy,

Amy Grace