Cardigan and Jacket must have for Fall! (click here to read)


Oh THIS is my favorite time to go ahead and reach for all those cardigans and light jackets to keep warm on these Autumn cool mornings. AND I can assure you these  sassy pieces will sass your Fall outfis right up. Of course, with any cardigan or jackets, simply cuff or roll the sleeves up so you can add in your favorite 'SP' bracelets!! Also, not only are these darling items to add into your wardrobe, BUT they will take you all the way into winter, by simply layering them with sweaters and scarves!!

All of these pieces, I grabbed from Old Navy and the best part is they were also all additional 30% off at check out!! 

-I love pairing this Camel Plush knit long sweater with a stripped tank or for colder days add a button blouse and a scarf! And of course don't forget your Sandy Pearls tassel earring!! (TTS)

-Something so simple, but makes a statement is this Gray long cardigan thats light weight, paired with a graphic t-shirt and forgetting adding in a 'SP'necklace to add that pop of color! (TTS)

-Who doesn't love having The perfect denim jacket in their closet!! I have searched high and low for a GOOD fit denim jacket. And THIS ONE is my absolute favorite! I like a little bit of room and not form fitting in my denim jackets the way its a easy look! I also ALWAYS cuff my sleeves with my denim jackets. Just adds that extra sass and your able to add sass onto your wrist!! {DUH} Dress them up with adding a maxi underneath or pair with colored jeans for a edgy sassy look! Not forgetting your sassy 'SP' tassel earring too!!

-Oh girl!! You think camo isn't your thing!! That's what I said, UNTIL I tried this Camo Jacket on. Game changer!! But I'll be honest, I can't do camo leggings or skinny jeans...just can't! {but don't be surprised if I change my mind ;) }However this camo jacket can be paired with a graphic tee, and jeans OR even white jeans to be really sassy and edgy!! Remember cuff those sleeves, and grab your 'SP's' to show your style off!! 

Hope you enjoyed this weeks pieces that were shared! And as always, stay sassy!


Amy Grace